Aliens, that age old subject of fascination for humanity comes back with a metal tint on this record. And boy is it a journey.

“Slave Species Of The Gods,” starts things off with this one. A snark and a crackle delivering some furious overdrives, twisting through the chordal melodies and then smacking the listener in the face. Those riffs are something else entirely. Fantastically organised. “The Giza Power Plant,” rages turning on the screws and slamming on the thrust, producing some quite terrifying.

“Inner Paths (To Outer Space),” is psychedelic at its peak and also ensures there are some murkier elements mixed in for good measure. Bringing together a filtering of the mind and growing out with the times. “Awakening,” takes the keys of the kingdom and runs with them through the seamless sounds of the time and space. A great way to finish the album.

Hidden History Of The Human Race is out on November 22nd via Century Media Records.

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