ORODRUIN – Ruins Of Eternity


“Forsaken,” thunders into being. Driving a distinct sense of chaos and virtuity, it ensures the listener sits right up and pays attention to the madness that is about to unfold. “Man of Peace,” stops and starts, bringing things right to life and then disappearing behind the madness to shimmer through into the unforsaken light. “Grave Illusion,” takes things to another level, slowly darting through. It builds into a crescendo that lightens the world and then darkens with a great big floating madness. “Letter of Life’s Regret,” flows through, shimmering on the plains, and bringing some things into the wider world of chaos. “War On The World,” is heavy, swaggering through and showing off the skills needed for great improvement.

“Into The Light Of The Sun,” is simply epic. Shimmering through, producing something quite fascinating. The guitars and the melodies work together to produce a song that is simply epic. “Voice In The Dark,” growls, glimmering in the moody doom gloom that has made this album quite fascinating to listen to. It produces something that shimmers through the world and allows for grace and growth. “Hell Frozen Over,” slowly works its way into being. CHanging the movement into great darkness, rolling the thunder out and about, whilst producing a chaotic melody. “Ruins of Eternity,” roars out the finale of the album, producing something that is truly magnificent.

The album is out on 25th October via Cruz del Sur Music.

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