Work of Art- Exhibits

“Misguided Love,” is a great starter, leading the way through melodic overtones and some great guitar performances. “Be the Believer,” carries with it some interesting weight, throwing around some powerful phrases and getting things done. “Another Night,” takes it in its stride, there’s some serious eighties vibes here in the gallop of the guitars. “This Isn’t Love,” shreds through the line and delivers the drama with great pace and chill. “Gotta Get Out,” takes the cake here, showing off the ballad side and showing that good ballads still exist. “Come Home,” roars through, slowly building up before culminating in something great and fascinating.

“If I Could Fly,” takes things to another level, shifting the tone and scope of things, and allowing for greater presence of the piano centric melodies. “Destined To Survive,” brings eighties cheese rock to the fore, that melody and those riffs are great. “Scars To Prove It,” rolls with the great plains and delivers some seriously edgy rock and roll. “What You Want From Me,” gets the rocking Police vibe down to pat, that opening lick is everything! “Let Me Dream,” takes things to another level, amping everything up several notches.

The album is out on November 8th via Frontiers Music.

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