TYKETTO Strength In Numbers Live

“Inherit The Wind,” is a great way to start things off. Thunderous and rapturous, it captures the spirit of the band in a great way and sets things off to a great start. “Meet Me In The Night,” got some serious swagger and deigns through the night on it. “All Over Me,” gets the rocking tops out, beating through the twine and the page, together lighting the way. “Catch My Fall,” gets acoustic, turning the point and allowing for the world to grow and change. “The End of Summer Days,” allowing great change and bringing together the memories and reminiscences of the past. “Wait Forever,” is something else entirely, changing and shifting through. “Ain’t That Love,” takes the cake. Strong and performance based.

“Write Your Name In The Sky,” is powerful and about the missing of home. “Why Do You Cry,” is a great reflective song and gets things going and a singalong from the crowd. “Rescue Me,” is straight ahead rock and roll, and that’s a great thing to see coming through the speakers. “The Last Sunset,” is a great come together song, and bringing the band into the future and the furore. “Standing Alone,” brings the big back and turns it through. “Strength In Numbers,” finishes off strong.

The album is out on 8th November via Frontiers Music.

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