“The Lament,” kicks things off, with a clean introduction, the song gradually builds in a crescendo that takes the turn and the twist of the knife through the world. “Nightbound,” moves quickly through, with the clean licks turning to the darkness, before the heaviness comes in and twists the sky. “Lady Death,” a formenting and twisting song. Filled with energy and grace, bringing together different elements of the chaos into one kindling. “Subterranea,” is a fascinating interplay of songs, shimmering through the beat, one step at a time. Growing through the precision and the time and allowing for growth and melody. “Purgatorio,” shimmers through. Allowing the haunting to come in and out, turning through and without. Bringing together the world and shimmering into place the darkness. “Cries from the Underworld,” roars into being. It is simply epic, a raging machine that grows through the world and into the madness. “Lacrimosa,” runs the gauntlet, twisting and turning, shimmering into being with pace and agility. “The World,” takes a heavy turn, bringing the interests of mathematics into being and forging ahead. “Here Be Dragons,” rages with the best of them, turning everything into the sky and burning the darkness.

“Trollens Brudsmarch,” rages into being on the back of some haunting melodies. Twisting and turning on the world, with the organ filtering through with some fascinating little twists. “Melancholia,” is a rager. The riffs are pure energy, from the get go, to the finish line, you know the band mean business with their raging ways. “The Motherhood of God,” takes a darker turn. Slowly working through the darkness and bringing together some very sinister elements in composition. “Randa,” a song that verges through the scene, bringing together elements both great and small. “Ultra Sivam,” is frenetic and chaotic. “Guitar Solo,” provides breathing space and shows off some fascinating talent. “Strange Gateways Beckon,” filters into being and powers through the greatness. “Strains of Horror,” works through the slow melodies, twisting the knife.

The album is out on November 15th via Century Media Records.

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