Stormburner-Shadow Rising

“We Burn,” kicks things off, bringing in that juicy metal riffage. Powering into overdrive and slamming through anything that gets in the way, turning the screw and lashing out. “Metal In The Night,” takes things up another notch, swirling through, turning the mind and bringing it all in within the parapet of the world. “Shadow Rising,” the title track of the album is a rager. The riffs are groovy, and the feeling of the song is completely on point with the rest of the album. One gets the feeling that this is coming up strong. “Demon Fire,” has a bit of a softer take, slowing things down and bringing the acoustic guitar in to lull the listener into a false sense of ease. As the guitars get heavier, so too does the melodic tone, it grows through within the parameters of awesome metal. “Ragnarok,” a galloping ode to the event of the world ending from Norse mythology, truly bringing things together in a great gathering.

“Men At Arms,” a soaring epic, turning things together to produce a charming bulletproof song filled with melodical incantations. “Eye of the Storm,” starts off slowly, and then works its way into a great frenzy, producing some of the juiciest riffs of the album. “Into the Storm,” roars through the thunder and rage, shredding on the might and turning everything into perfection. “Rune of the Dead,” is a song that twists and turns through numerous times, producing some classic and enchanting. “Ode To War,” gallops through the thunder and the rain to produce the masterpiece for this album.

The album is out on December 6th.

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