RustX- Centre of the Universe

“Defendre Le Rock,” starts as all good rock songs with the staccato rhythm of the guitars, as the bass then slowly kicks in, and then another guitar comes in with some serious grooves. Jiving through the wind and changing the course of things into something seriously groovy. “Running Man,” gives it a real go. The riffs are frenetic, the melodies are top notch, and the vocals are seriously on the ball. “Black Heart,” thunders into being, turning the knife one bit and then another with some serious swagger and a half. “I Stand To Live,” shakes things up a little. There’s turn and a jump, some shimmering and then the execution of a fine plot. “Endless Skies,” brings together some interesting elements. There’s the synth and the piano, and then there’s the big ballsy guitars in the background with the vocals soaring into being.

“Centre of the Universe,” the title track of the record, shimmers into being. Fading slightly and then picking up with great speed to deliver a fantastic performance. “Widow’s Cry,” gets some seriously sarcastic energy going, taunting the lines and delivering some fascinating chip and change. “Wake Up,” is another stop and starter. The riffs turn and twist, shimmering into being with great speed and energy. “Dirty Road,” goes straight down heavy. “Band on the Run,” is a great soulful piece.

The album is out on November 15th.

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