PRETTY MAIDS Undress Your Madness

“Intro/Serpentine,” is a song that moves with fluidity. Turning and shifting on the edge, bringing together some fascinating melodies and a rip roaring guitar line that makes the listener shiver with anticipation. “Firesoul Fly,” has a more classical feel to it. Dangling around the corners and the edges, it grows into something more powerful as it progresses. “Undress Your Madness,” the title track is a ripper. Filled with big riffs, and a snarling vocal performance that turns through and growls. “Will You Still Kiss Me,” brings heaviness and sarcasm together in one fluid motion. “Runaway World,” is another song that ventures onto the everboard, and has some serious sketch to it.

“If You Want Peace (Prepare for War),” takes a nice turn, with some fascinating melodies and tidbits thrown in for good measure, this is perhaps the stand out track. “Slavedriver,” immediately corrects that assumption. It’s pure energy from the get go, raging through and demolishing the listener at turn. “Shadowlands,” is a fascinating tale, weaving together complex melodies with impassioned lyricism. “Black Thunder,” jives together into one smart masterpiece. “Strength of a Rose,” turns together to finish things off.

The album is out on 8th November.

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