Nightglow-Rage of a Bleeding Society

“Thy Flesh Consumed,” is haunting, and somewhat terrifying, and the riffs are on point. “X,” is a galloping riff monster, taking to the skies and showering the listener with the glorious riffage of all time. “Circus of the Damned,” is chaotic, frenetic and downright energetic. “Fuck@Looza,” is sarcastic, mechanic and somewhat entertaining, turning through the screws. “On Your Own,” is riff happy, turning through and shattering the image that might well have developed around it. “Overlord,” gallops through, with swaggering energy. “Alive,” slows things down, adding some serious chaos to the flow of things and making the song really get through the dragging stage.

“Gone,” haunting and intriguing. “Mofo Social Club,” energetic and powerful, turning through and shimmering into being on the back of a glorious riff. “The Last One,” roars through, producing some fascinating energy and growth. “Feed My Demon,” delivers a powerful monster of a performance. “Daenerys,” is a rager. “Erzsebet,” dangles the power and the might through the land and turning it into a ballser.

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