METAL DE FACTO Imperium Romanum

“The Conqueror,” soars through on the back of some serious shredding riffs, twisting through and battering the listener into something that shows off great power and pleasure. ” Legionnaires’ Oath,” a galloping masterpiece that twists through the shining, bringing together some elements that keep the world alive, brimming filled with light and energy. “Naturalis Historia,” roars through, galloping and turning the world on it’s edge, showing off something glorious and tenacious. “Inferno,” roars from the get go, demonstrating passion and a complexion. “Bacchanalia,” turns through, and delivers something quite fascinating, growing from the ground up on a powerful motiff, and smashing down the boundaries.

“Echoes In Eternity,” is haunting, the instrumentation is truly on point, delivering some nice little twists and turns, allowing for growth and management of power and historical narration. ” Colosseum,” roars into being tearing through on the back of a galloping riff and setting the scene for all to come and bear witness. “Ides of March,” is dark and cavorting, fitting the theme of the song and its name. “The Ascending Of Jupiter,” roars into being with a galloping riff, and a soaring vocal melody, twisting the screw and allowing for some serious growth. “Germanicus (ft. Maurizio Iacono),” finishes the album off and allows for the band to truly capture the spirit of Rome as they’ve done so well on this album.

The album is out on 22nd November via Rockshots Records.

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