Frontback-Don’t Mind the Noise

“Intro/Fearless,” is a song that really shows off the skills of the band. It’s a hellraiser with a lion’s edge that delivers the taut ideology and rubs it into being. “Let’s Play Rock N Roll,” is a hardcore rocker, turning through and shifting the scope slightly, allowing for some great sing alongs. “I Arrive When You Go,” takes it up another notch. Swaggering through on the ol’ blues belt. “Rhythm is Dead,” takes a turn here and there, bringing together the light and ensuring that things are interesting and downright terrifying sometimes. “Back To Hell,” rocks out hard, driving the day and bringing it all together in one big motion.

“Always On The Run,” shreds through on some serious melodies, turning the screw and twisting it together. “Glory Days,” takes a turn here and there, shimmering through on that big riff energy. “When The Wind Is Gone,” comes in with some fascinating riffage, turning the tone up another notch and allowing the singer to really shine through. “Movin’ On,” is a blazer. Taking the time through, and allowing it all to shape and shift. “Sunny Days,” turns through enabling some shifting movements and growing through and powerful.

The album is out on 25th October via Black Lodge.

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