Edge of Paradise-Universe

“Fire,” kicks things off, with the vocals coming in strong. The piano provides a nice backdrop for the song as it progresses as the elements slowly creep into being. The guitars kick in and turn things into a distorted symphony of light. “Electrify,” keeps the passion going. Encouraging the slow growth of the metal, it delivers in full force and brings together joy. “Universe,” the title track, is full on power. It delves deep into elements that might otherwise not have been explored, it resounds with grace and effortlessness. “Alone,” is a soaring epic, it delivers the passion and the pain and makes the listener truly bang their head. “Hollow,” is a snarling monster of a song on the back of a huge riff.

“World,” tantalisingly shimmering through the night sky, bringing together things both good and unseen. “Perfect Disaster,” is quite the call out for the ghosting culture present right now in the dating scene, what a tune as well! “Face of Fear,” rolls with the punches and smacks things down and around, taking a turn here and there. “Stars,” rolling around with the grave thundering boom of the world. “Burn the Sun,” takes it all away and brings it in a new iteration.

The album is out on 8th November via Frontiers Music.

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