Cirith Ungol-I’m Alive

Cirith Ungol are absolute legends. They started off in the early 70s, and are one of the pioneers of heavy metal. Their career is somewhat synonymous with the genre. They’ve had huge successes, built a following around the world, all while remaining underground and being ignored by the arrogant mainstream media, and whilst they’ve suffered disappointments, and been ostracised, they’ve returned stronger than ever. This new live album is a fitting sign of that.

Standout tracks include “I’m Alive,” which is a true call to arms and a symbol of what the band is about. You can hear the sheer excitement in the performance. Everything just screams perfection and determination. Then there’s “Join the Legion,” a call to arms for their fans and for new fans as well, to come and join them in their madness and the true lifestyle of a metalhead. As the album shows, the band still has it in spades. This includes songs such as “Edge of a Knife,” which is pure raw energy and metallised performance power. Alongside “Chaos Rising,” which gallops along the way burning through the path and delivering sheer madness.

With songs taken from their performance at Up the Hammers Festival, this is an album that shows a band at its raucous best. If you’re a fan of the band or of heavy metal in genre, be sure to get this record!

It’s out on October 25th via Metal Blade Records.

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