Andy Gillion-Neverafter

“Nocturne,” starts off as though it is a night time melody, it gradually grows into a monster that unleashes a shredding beast into the world. “Becoming the Nightmare,” is a masterpiece pure and simple, the rhythms are down right on point, the leads shred through and truly it is a bit of face melting metal that we’re witnessing here. “Skyless featuring Jeff Loomis!,” turns and twists on the edge of the world, shifting through the sky, leaning this way and that, bringing together differing elements of the world together. “Becoming the Dream,” shreds and stops, builds and grows all in one simple motion that makes it stand out. “Aria,” featuring Christina Marie, is a fascinating song. It begins off slightly slowly, then works its way together to forge into something strong and precise. “Black Lotus,” truly lets loose, growing through the shards of pain and light, turning anything and everything through.

“The Lost Melody,” takes a shine, it grows through, shimmering the light and producing something quite beautiful in its simplicity and the complex narratives around it. “Shards of a Forgotten World,” takes an interesting dimension, slowly rising through the turning of the feeling and producing magic. “Hiraeth,” is a great song allowing for multiple avenues of exploration before finally completing the turn. “Lullaby,” a song that practises the shred technique and allows for it all to grow and prosper. “Neverafter,” is epic. That’s really the only appropriate word to use for it. Simply epic.

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