Mass Worship-Mass Worship


“Celestial,” starts things off with the heaviest riff I’ve heard all year. A sheer thundering presence that turns and twists, bringing together some new energy, some new light and a darkness as well. As the vocals kick in, there’s a real sense of the anger of the world. “Spiritual Destitution,” kicks things off with a thundering riff once more, it then turns and grabs the world by the throat, turning and twisting until everything is broken and enchanted. “Sibylline Divination,” turns around, eerily haunting the ground that the listener walks, as the riffs come in, the smattering of the world and the madness of the crowds develops into a shouting, roaring monster. “Serene Remains,” haunts the world, slowly filtering through. It shines a light on the darker corners of the world, bringing together the changing seasons.

“Below,” thunders through. Roaring into madness, twisting the ground and shifting the skies as it unbounds the patience of the never ending world. “Proleptic Decay,” snarls thunder, twisting the shimmering grounds and allowing for a chance to shimmer into the neverending circus. “Dreamless Graves,” takes a turn, shifting the bounding world into a darkness that one might not have expected as the song began. “Downpour,” is a raging riff monster, that just gets you going, the listener feels it in their bones.

The album is out on 25th October via Century Media Records.

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