Deviate Damaen “In Sanctitate, Benignitatis Non Miseretur!”

“L’Angelo Preferito,” is a haunting and snarling monster that filters through, setting the scene for the monster for what is to come. “Tethrus,” comes in on the back of that organ riff, it soon moves through the time and space frequency to deliver something quite fitting and harmonising. “Sacre Gesta,” haunting and melancholic with an added edge and bite. “Santo Frale,” snarls and bites with the pushing tenacity of a monster unleashed. “AspetteroÌ€ L’Altrove.,” churns and turns with a mixed feeling turning the twisting monster into a fascinating snake.

” I Tarocchi Della Vostra Sfiga,” smoothes through the transition, groaning and galloping through as it does, with the filter moving into a interesting trance. “Font Near The Ossuary.,” a haunting and demonic song belied by the soothing organ notes at the very start of the song. “Fratelli D’Occidente, Salviam…l’Estinzione!,”a torn and beaten song. “Signore e Dio (Falce) In Te Confido,” a nice interlude, before the madness continues. ” L’Urlo Del Cappuccino (nostr…rture-outro).,” ends proceedings.

To be released through Masked Dead Records on 11th October.

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