The Irontown Diehards-Linchpin

“Livin On,” swaggers through on the back of a mighty riff, the vocals are filled with some interesting changes here and there. A strong opener. “Ride,” gallops through, swaggering in parts and dancing onward through the motions. “Amelia,” swaggers onward, turning through the skies and producing something light and entertaining. “Alive,” is an interesting song, changing the course, slowly littering the skies with a turn here and there. “Shallow Love,” rocks out on the back of an absolutely groovy riff, turning the nozzle slightly here and there. “Moonlight,” turns a bluesy way through the edging of the process, allowing for some contemplation mixed together with groove.

“Woman,” takes a heavier turn, bringing it together and allowing for a shifting possibility and the machinations of grace. “Die Slow,” is a statement of intent, with a growling riff and a moving and shaking purpose. “Hightime,” swaggers onward, bringing the bluesy melody through the line. “Once,” moves quickly on the back of a serious riff. “Shine,” rolls like thunder.

The album is out on November 8th.

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