Coyote Kid-Skeleton Man

“The New Dark Age,” shimmers on the pathway to darkness, brimming with light and chaos. Allowing for some humming to filter through. “Femme Fatale,” takes a twisting turn. It brings a soaring vocal to the lead, and allows for a growing shining melody to grow through. “Tough Kids,” snakes through, taking a very bluesy feel. “Prowler,” gets very interesting, there’s a real sense that one is listening to the soundtrack of a bluesy western and the final battle is about to happen. “Strange Days,” takes things to a new level, shimmering through, growling and pressing the gun in slightly deeper. “Dark Science,” changes course, the female vocals make things all the more interesting, allowing for some fascinating exchanges. “Electric Lover,” is another soothing and jaunty song that takes a turn here and there.

“Vision In Black,” slowly brings the world to turn, and allows for the listener to fully engage themselves in the world that is developing through it all. “Destroyer of Worlds,” gets a slightly heavier make up, with a jangling turn about, allowing the worlds to crinkle and to flush through the world. “Undertaker,” rolls like a Cash song, bringing together everything that one could possibly abide by. “Backbone,” gets a more melodic take on things, a more modern jaunt to allow for some growth. “Run,” gets the makeover completely filtering out and in. “Skeleton Man,” is haunting and a fitting finale.

The album is out on 25th October.

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