Booze and Glory-Hurricane

“Never Again,” kicks things off with some melancholic melodies on the organ, before the drums kick in and we get some seriously ballsy riffage coming through. From there, things get even more handed, breaking into a beat down that twists and turns with great speed. “Ticking Bombs,” is led by the bass and turning through the twisting mesh of insanity and through the culpable insanity of the world. “10 Years,” is a rocker. Planting through on the back of some serious riffage, turning through and rocking hard. “Live It Up,” moves quickly, turning through and pounding out in great punk rock style. “The Guvnor,” turns through, shimmering in the past light and bringing some mighty joy to those around them. “Hurricane,” slows things down slightly. Shimmering into being on the back of a piano melody that turns through and brings together some fascinating little changes.

“My Heart Is Burning,” gets some old school rocker treatment, working together through the blitz and the turning. “Goodbye,” rocks out hard and fast, twisting and turning. “Darkest Nights,” gets a little grooving. Pounding through on the drums and turning the shape a little this way and that. “I’m Still Standing,” gets fast and gripping, turning the tales one way and then another. “Three Points,” is a rousing chorus of dancing and shimmering. “Too Soon,” finishes things off in style.

The album is out on 18th October via Scarlet Teddy Records.

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