Astralborne-Eternity’s End

“Eulogy In Black,” is haunting, the tolling of the bell is reflective and perfect mood music. “Attending The Funeral,” takes a turn here and there, producing some fantastic metal music. “Transcendence of Flesh,” roars and gallops through like an absolute mad man. “Paragon Amiss,” roars into the defiance, slowly producing something that would shatter the average listener. “Centuries In Agony,” a roaring tale that turns and twists through the shattering mists of time. “Architect of Suffering,” is simply epic, turning through the screws and unleashing complete chaos and carnage.

“Inglorious 20,” shifts and turns on the back of a powerful arpeggio that turns the tides and makes the galloping madness of the song so brilliant. “The Obliterators,” roars into being, with a solid riff, turning the screws and then unleashing all hell. “Eternity’s End,” roars through, bringing together disparate elements that allows for some shifting tone and growth. “Reflections,” takes on a different tone, slowly bringing together all the pastures explored in this album and taking it to new heights. “Hell Patrol,”the cover of the Judas Priest classic is a thunderous song.

The album is out on November 22nd.

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