Infected Rain-Endorphin

Infected Rain

“The Earth Mantra,” comes barrelling into place with a thunderous riff, it turns and twists, smashing down the boundaries, rolling in the thunder, and allowing the vocals to really let loose. “Black Gold,” smashes down the thunder, raising the roof and smashing light into the darkness. “Symphony of Trust,” rolls into being, slowly working its way into the nothingness and the darkness of the world. Growling and roaring into light. “Pendulum,” takes it to another level, risking the dangerous glow for the high flowing masterpieces. “Passerby,” rolls with the punches, dragging the dirt into the whirlwind of the mind and taking it all as a stand.

“Lure,” smacks the shit down, and takes it through the concoctions of the mind. “Victims,” smacks and soars through on harmonies built into the system. “Walking Dead,” slows things down adding a layer to the darkness, letting it grow and prosper, floundering through the system and then destroying it from within the makeup of it all. “Taphephobia,” smacks hard. Producing some seriously fascinating beats and changing the landscape of everything from the get go. “Storm,” rages hard.

The album is out on 18th October via Napalm Records.

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