Woodhawk-Violent Nature


“Snake In The Grass,” starts things off with a rumble, the distorted guitars show off their teeth and the listener immediately knows that things are about to get very interesting. As the song progresses the vocals kick in and the sense of urgency grows into something that gets the listener singing along by song’s end. “Weightless Light,” takes a full turn and delivers something quite swaggering, powerful and clean all in one go. “Dry Blood,” slows things down slightly, bringing a measure of thought to proceedings, allowing the listener a chance to catch their breath before getting fully immersed once more. “Heartstopper,” roars into being and shows the listener the full extent of the band’s capabilities.

“Old Silence,” comes in with the riff barrage and leaves the listener wanting more. A demand that is perhaps best met throughout the journey of the song. “Clear The Air,” gets all bluesy on the listener. Taunting the melodies with great shine and power, and allowing for some great growth. “Violent Nature,” rocks the house down with some swaggering riffs and a twisting and turning sensibility. “As A Friend,” rumbles into town on the back of a shifting and ever changing melody of incantations. “Our Greatest Weakness,” comes down hard and fast.

The album is out on 1st November.

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