Grim Reaper-At The Gates


New Wave of British Heavy Metal Legends Grim Reaper return with their new album At The Gates an album that is sure to get people grooving and moving.

“At The Gates,” the title track is a riff machine. It shifts through the wind, breaking down the changes and the mood of the listener immediately. There is a sense that the heaviness and awesomeness of past proceedings is coming through. As the riffs kick in and the vocals shine through that feeling is confirmed. “Venom,” is straight ahead riff mastery, shifting through the lines, blurring some of the spaces, and then turning and shifting into an almighty roar, it delivers something quite crucial. “What Lies Beneath,” is a terrifyingly haunting muse, a song that ventures into the stop and start territory of classic songs of old. It shimmers on the line, bringing a full procedure into the fore. “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle,” is another riff mastery, shimmering through, slicing the pain and delivering something quite epic. “A Knock At The Door,” takes it one step at a time. Big fat riffs mixing together with that sense of ease and sleight of hand, turning the world in to a growing conundrum. “Rush,” comes right out the gate with heaviness.

“Only When I Sleep,” takes things in a different direction, shimmering into place with some nice little shredding melodies, before working into a full grown storm. Turning and twisting with the might of the riff. “Line Them Up,” shimmers and snaps. Steve Grimmett is absolutely on point throughout the song as he has been throughout the album, a positive set up for one. “Breakneck Speed,” roars into being and slams into everything, as the name would suggest. Tantalisingly good and so powerful, this is a song that will translate well when performed live. “Under The Hammer,” is a thunderous opus, a song that will make the listener shimmer and shake with pride. “Shadow In The Dark,” displays Grimmett’s vocal abilities, and allows the band to really shine through as well. This is an awesome closer.

The album is out now via Dissonance Productions.

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