Spider Kickers-Ektroma


“Ektroma,” sets the scene quite nicely, the rattling, and bone shaking intensity with which it greets the listener allows for a full immersive experience, to fully garner that which comes for it. “Inner Grave,” rolls through the thunder, delivering a smashing job and producing some fine hits of thunder. “Vanity In Front,” snarls through, berating the listener for the vanity that oozes out of modern society. “Nightmare Receiver,” goes fully frontal right from the beginning.

“Carnivores,” is a roaring machine that turns through and delivers a middle finger to established precedent. “Isolation Cell,” turns on its head and then some. “Jehovah Complex,” gallops along, turning the soul into dust and then some. “Lord Great Ra,” finishes the album off masterfully. Combining the elements together, into one collective orgasmic roar.


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