Rotting Christ-Sanctus Diavolos


“Visions of a Blind Order,” is a galloping hellspawn that twists and turns the world into the inner workings of hell. “Thy Wings, Thy Horns, Thy Sin,” builds the momentum into a twisting web, filtering through into absolute chaos and carnage. “Athanati Este,” is a snarling beast, that twists through the very edge of the world, before smacking it down into the grips of hell. “Tyrannical,” builds the growing chaos, within and without, and smacks things down into the ground for hell. “You My Cross,” turns things on their head, bringing it all into a chaotic neutrality.

“Sanctimonius,” is a haunting dirge through the chaos of the mind, showing off just where the world is coming from, and where it might be buried. “Serve In Heaven,” destroys the remaining filters, and builds them into something completely chilling. “Shades of Evil,” pounds away, grinding the listener down into something completely surreal. “Doctrine,” haunts the world, turning things into something new and deafening, bringing the edge of the world nearer. “Sanctus Diavolos,” roars the pain through, and twists it all into a knife.

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