Beto Vazquez Infinity-Humanity


“Man At War,” starts with sirens and moves into the increasingly diversified and terrifying world of the guttural war machine. Turning over and over, producing some fine fretwork. “Breaking The Silence,” moves with the distorted finesse, shifting things through and working into a steam. “Embrace The Pain,” works through, slowly shifting, turning the screw into a world that breaks. “Evolution,” a haunting, soulful song, that whirls away the winning hours, before smashing them down into the field. “Hate,” a guttural march through the road on the way to hell, linking things together before destroying them.

“Master of Fools,” whirls away, shimmering on the edge, turning and twisting, slowly relieving the very mastery of which it speaks. The vocals soar and turn, bringing everything to a masterful conclusion. “Stop,” gets guttural, turning through and twisting the edge, smashing the world to pieces, one step at a time. “The Letter,” swirls through, twisting and turning, allowing the listener to think through the insanity. “Humanity,” burns through, etching out a view to the world for chaos. “Sweet Northern Soul,” finishes completely.


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