Burnt Out Wreck-This Is Hell

Burn Out Wreck

“Dead Or Alive,” kicks things off immediately, with some good old fashioned riffage, it takes a gallop and then a move. The good times are here, and boy are they kicking. The vocals snarl out the good times and demand some more. “Positive,” has that distorted feel good rhythm to it, the riffs are massive, and the feeling is just downright rock and roll to the core. No two ways about it. “Paddywack,” goes bluesy, taking the tone and the elements through the gritter and shifting the tone this way and that. A song that grows through and then twists and turns with great ease. “Headfuck,” rips and lets loose through the combined might of it all, twisting the way and then turning on the edge. “Guitars Electrified,” is an ode the noise you can make through the electric guitar, and it is the perfect statement in this age of sugar coated pop music that dominates the mainstream. The guitar based music is alive and well.

“This Is Hell,” a song that roams around the plains, fuelling the distortion and then ramping it up by eleven into a discordant monster, that is ready to take charge completely and wholly. “Rock Hard, Sticky Sweet,” another classic rock and roll jive, that twists and turns with great ease. This will get the people dancing. “Just A Dog,” moves with rapid intensity, changing the passageways through the time and space and then delivering the finger to any who criticise. “Snow Falls Down,” rolls the carpet out and then swaggers through it without a care. What a great closer.

The album is out on 11th October via Burnt Out Wreckords / Cherry Red

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