The ESP Project-The Rising

EPS Project.jpg

The symphonic prog rock collective return with their new album The Rising. An album that promises to deliver on everything that the band has previously worked on and more.

“The Rising,” starts things off. And as a title track and opening track it sets the scene quite nicely. It has some fascinating elements, the guitars build through in the background whilst the vocals paint a hopeful image and ensure the listener has to lean in to truly capture the brilliance of the song. “Connected,” gets quite heavy. Brimming through the lines, and showing up serious mojo, it delivers on a thunderous applause and build up. “On Lunar Tides,” is darker, longer and heavier than previous songs. It truly captures the spectre of the lunar element, setting a sonic dream to light and bringing together some interesting textures. “Flowers In the Snow,” moves quicker, bringing some edge to proceedings and twisting the line through and through.

“Stranger In My Skin,” is a song that haunts the bywords, twisting through and shedding light on some darker elements. The guitars really play on the bluesy element of things and ensure the listener knows where to twist and turn to. “New World Disorder,” takes a little time to get going. When it does, it goes all out, and brings a hammer down on possibilities. “A Million Heartbeats,” gets somewhat symphonic and edgy, toeing the line this way and that.

The album is out on October 11th.

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