Sin Seer Interview

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What inspired the formation of the band and what are your influences?

Things have a way of working out in the craziest of scenarios sometimes. Some call it fate, but I’m skeptical of that concept to be honest. However, I do feel like there are greater forces within the world that could make me believe otherwise. Everything me and Cameron had ever attempted since Day 1 has lead us right to this very moment. I went to high school with this guy. I’ve sat with him in classrooms where we would teach other intros to songs like “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, “One” by Metallica, or “Through the Glass” by Stone Sour [just to name a few…] The first job I ever had, I worked with him side by side pushing carts at our local Wal Mart. We even put our two weeks notice in at the same time as well! He used to live just a few blocks down from me. We’d always have a blast exchanging riff ideas between one another.  There was always a means to work with Cameron since the beginning. I was, have, and always will be a huge fan of his guitar work. I downloaded every single demo he ever posted back in the day. The goal was always to bring him in to whatever I was involved with at the time. But for one reason or another, nothing ever clicked. It is the strangest thing. Then you fast forward so many years later, and here we are. We’ve pretty much had an endless conversation going on now for the last 12 years or so. Now everyone just happens to be in the middle of it. Ha.

How do you approach song writing?

I don’t think I necessarily had a proper approach until I started writing for Sin Seer, to be honest. Over the years I used to look at it as a way of saying certain things that I thought people should hear. I felt like I needed to give a profound message of some sort. But you learn as you get older, you can’t provide any kind of message without some perspective. And you don’t have much of a perspective without experience. And writing at 16 years old, as opposed to 29 years, comes with little to no experience. When I started, I was still a kid. I had nothing to base life on. There was no substance. There was no depth. No words of wisdom that came with a cost. It took years of peaks and valleys to understand how people can relate to you. Now when I write, everything flows much more fluently. It’s genuine, and it’s from the soul. The way I approach everything now is all with what I’m feeling and what I feel like the music is speaking to me. It’s an odd process, I’ll admit. There are times when I’ve heard the same song for well over 3 months before I even put a single word down. But in the moment, those words just come to you. So instead of chasing it rather, I just wait for it to come to me.

What is the best thing about performing together?

Oddly enough, we haven’t performed together officially yet.  That’s what makes the dynamic of this group far different from others. It’s weird to say but we’ve done our best songwriting, and our best performing, when there was no one else in the room. For the past decade, we’ve tried on many occasions to  write in the traditional sense. Although the jam sessions were fun and we came up with some good ideas, nothing ever stuck. There was nothing for so long. It’s such a strange dynamic, but it’s one that has also aided our songwriting process in the best possible way. However, performing live in front of an audience is a completely different kind of feel. And it’s one we’d definitely be eager to explore. When the time is right, and the money as well, we’ll make it happen. That is, and will be, a lifelong dream complete once we get a chance to finally share the stage together.

Where do you get the inspiration for songs?

Inspiration comes to us in different forms. For me, inspiration comes from whatever seems to be troubling me at the time. I used to think the driving force came from particular subject matter or certain people… but I’ve learned that was never the case at all. For me, it all comes from personal adversity. My internal struggles, demons, and frustrations. Cameron writes with no concepts in mind.  He’s always been up front with me that he writes his songs with no frame of reference whatsoever. I guess you could say, in a way, neither one of us writes with the other’s consideration in mind. But for whatever reason, it usually seems to fit. Almost like a glove even sometimes… I think that could be another import key factor in the production of this group. Since we’ve started this, there has always been a great deal of respect and trust in what the other is doing or going to put to tape. And there has to be. I mean, how else would you move efficiently enough? I put faith that whatever Cameron writes, and he does the same with me as well.

What plans do you have for the future?

We have projects set up that will keep us busy well into 2021. We already have over 10 singles in the works, videos in all kinds of variations tentatively in production, merchandise ideas, and a brand new EP that is currently being written. Beyond that, there are no big goals or aspirations. We love making music, in any shape or form. Whether that’s in a studio or on a stage somewhere, it doesn’t matter. We’ll see where the road takes us.

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