Tygers Of Pan Tang-Ritual


They formed one of the key bands in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, they’ve experienced some turbulence, but now they’re back, and they’re back with an absolute blinder of an album. Tygers of Pan Tang, the legends who helped redefine a genre, and inspired countless more, are back.

“Worlds Apart,” the opening song comes in, and clicks immediately. It shreds through the light, twisting and turning the drums break through the fog and ensure the listener knows which way to turn. Soon enough the gallop begins and all hell breaks loose, what an opener. “Destiny,” is slower off the chase, but when it gets going, it really gets going. And the vocals are off the hook, truly a great song and a catchy melody. “Rescue Me,” shreds through. With an absolute banger of a riff, and a changing ever present shifting tenor, it moves with grace and formality. “Raise Some Hell,” takes the time to go through everything at blinding speed. It shifts down the growing lot and roars into being. “Spoils of War,” roars through into everything and nothing. This is a song that I can see being a fan favourite when performed live, it shifts through the motions and gears, and ensures everything is touched.

“White Lines,” goes down the old fashioned route, taking a little trouble to slip in and slide about the world, breaking through barriers and bringing something quite new and refreshing to the fore. The riffs are intoxicating and the vocals are just perfect. “Words Cut Like Knives,” slows the pace down slightly, delivering something that can allow for reflection, to shred into the solo. “Damn You!” Goes to the old school and smashes through the barriers, delivering a classic case and a mix and twist. “Love Will Find A Way,” breaks through the twisting sands and ensures the world knows no barriers, a hopeful song. “The Art of Noise,” is a barrelling twisting number that produces something quite intuitive. “Sail On,” a hammer for a finisher and one that will get people going when performed live.

The album is out on 22nd November via Mighty Music

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