The Bleeding-Morbid Prophecy

The Bleeding.jpg

“Demonic Oath,” comes in with a haunting melody, shifting the tenor immediately. The listener is nervous, expecting something dark and foreboding or something else entirely, nobody is quite sure. When the heaviness comes in, it hits like a freight train and smashes into the grave perishing territory. “Maelstrom,” another song that thunders on through the night, pushing it to the limits. “Entering  The Pandemonium,” will smash the doors down and ensure the listeners are still engaged. “Morbid Prophecy,” dangles across the line, twisting and shifting things to a point where none know where they might land.

“Storm Of The Hellspawn,” shift around and jumble together their fortunes into a mix of poison and chaos. “Sadistic Saviour,” gallops down, and thunders around, producing something mixing together the key components of rage. “Repentance,” dangles around and smashes it all out onto the floor. “Hammer of Penance,” lights things on fire and finishes on a high.

The album is out on 18th October.

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