Sleeping In Traffic- Double EP Release

sleeping in traffic

Edmonton’s Sleeping In Traffic present their double EP and boy is it an intriguing offering.

“Through Method and Rigor,” is an interesting start, shifting the tone, and gradually making things click and change, until there is perfection and balance. “Fungal Symbiosis,” moves quickly, shifting and rallying to the cause quickly. “Exoplanets,” takes the mathematical equations onto the next level, dangling things to be.

“False Alternatives,” is a unique song, shifting the tenor and completely unique and different to the point of causing confusion. “The Scrupulous Study of Everything,” shifts the line back again, bringing it into slower more thoughtful territory.

Copy of TWDU Cover Final web.jpg

Next up is the second of the two EP release.  And this one really kicks ass.

Maths forms the first part of the EP as it fuses together into different equations and makes the listener’s head turn over with everything going on before it. “Audaciousness of Him,” takes things slower, more relaxed and perhaps even a bit more thoughtful, turning and twisting things around. “Narcicystic Pustule,” goes heavy and all out from the get go.

“Masculine Toxin,” slowly swaggers through and produces a song that moulds together and hooks the listener into being completely. “Gaia Shrugged,” downs the hatch, and brings up some fascinating little changes, allowing the listener to contemplate what might be. “The Inevitable Heat Death Of The Universe,” finishes things off nicely.

The double is out on September 27th.

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