Ritual Steel-V


“Does Tomorrow Exist,” kicks things off with a heavy, pounding riff, that slowly shifts into something completely maddening. Galloping through the winds of time and ensuring the listener knows where to headbang. “Civil Unrest,” moves quickly and with great sweeping gestures into something slightly insane, whilst also adding a moment of pure reflection into the fray. “Jackyl and Hyde,” shreds down the line, bringing with it a twisting sense of what might be and should be. “Kingdom of Death,” is a rip roaring monster that brings the heaviness to light, snorting through the cracks and delivering it into the world of darkness. “Doomonic Power,” gallops along the way with a mighty powerful riff, that shifts the tenor of the world, slowly increasing the grasp of pace.

“The Evil Elite,” breaks the back of the listener into something contagious and narrates a story of the elite, trying desperately to sneak things out. “Confrontation On The Frontlines,” smashes down the grace and favour, slowly twisting the knife into the great beyond. “Ritual Steel II,” brings the thunder down on the time limit, shifting and smashing down the doors. A perfect tribute to the world. “The Ritual Steel Hammer,” is infectious, truly twisting down the doors of time.

The album is out on October 25th.

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