Denner’s Inferno-In Amber


“Matriarch,” the first song on the rock legend Michael Denner’s new album is an absolute blinder. It takes things to one stage and then another, constantly shifting the pace and dynamite within and without. It goes to the depths of classic seventies rock, what a tune! “Fountain of Grace,” has a unique take on things. It goes for the bombastic route and ends up shifting and changing, breaking through some old moulds and ensuring the world knows where to twist. “Up and On,” roars through. Soaring into anthemic territory on the back of an impressive guitar movement. “Sometimes,” has that good old fashioned swagger to back it up and some shifting, and changing tones. “Taxman (Mr Thief),” an old schooler that makes its way through the bonds.

“Veins of the Night,” is darker, and quicker, and dare I say it, has a slight tinge of Mercyful Fate. With the darkened vocal lines, shifting down the line and bringing some interesting texture to proceedings it’s a highly intriguing song. “Run For Cover,” rolls off the tongue nicely, taking through the line and biting itself on the edge a few times too many. “Pearls on A String,” reflects through and shines on some interesting textures and line melodies. “Loser,” has some serious seventies vibes. Bluesy and filled with down hearted swagger. “Casttrum Doloris,” finishes things off.

The album is out on 15th November via Mighty Music.

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