Beyond Forgiveness-Live To Tell The Story

Beyond Forgiveness - Live To Tell The Story.jpg

“Echoes,” starts things off properly, with a haunting intro, the vocals soaring into being, whilst the guitars are filtering through. Slowly but surely, things take a turn and the twisting wind begins to thunder into being. The guitars carry the song as it shifts and changes into an all powerful growing monster. “Live To Tell The Story,” the title track is a thundering monster that commands respect, it demands that you pay attention and give it its due. “If I Fall,” it weans its way towards the complete mysticism of the world and shifting the tone and pace of the world brings about the energy of the world. “One Last Time,” snarls and growls through the pain of it all, delivering a sonic overall. “Reverie,” combines the piano symphony with the heaviness of the guitars to allow the vocals to take complete command.

“Leaves of Lothlorien,” takes the cherry and smashes down the doors with the piano work in the very beginning, twisting the world into and around the place. Bringing some fascinating little changes to the arrangement and then destroying it all again. “Labyrinth,” moves into an increasing frenzy, designed to take the cake and then eat it all away, producing something that chimes and changes. “When Rivers Turn Red,” bounds around and takes the world by storm. “Consolation,” shifts the grapevine and produces a whirlwind of place and time. “Forever Dream,” a shifting tenor.

The album is out on 23rd September via Sliptrick Records.

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