URKRAFT Our Treacherous Fathers


“Place of Coldness,” comes in hard. Dangling the edge of the knife on the precipous and expecting the listener to look over to see where the chaos goes. “Primordial Diaspora,” is a song that encompasses all the elements of rage and madness in one swift changing force. “Our Treacherous Fathers,” the title track is a haunting masterpiece, that shifts down the line and allows the line to grow and steadily blur. “Reap It All,” snakes around and delves into the depths of hell. “Habets tyranni,” slowly moves the band into epic territory and unapolgetically so.

“The Horrors of an Empty Tomb,” darks and delays, producing something of the works of hell within the grounding focus of change. “Descended Shadows,” swaggers and snarls with the biting piercing movement of the experienced. “Crown Of Blood,” roars through and ends the embrace with a fist to the face. “A,” knocks the door down with a sweeping gesture of irreverent behaviour.

The album is out on 18th September via First Force Music.

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