Screamer-Highway Of Heroes

“Intro/Ride On,” thunders into being with a deafening crash, smashing down the lines and changing the focus of things to produce something quite unusual. “Shadow Hunter,” smashes down the line, bringing with it an echoing of danger and changes to the method. “Rider of Death,” gallops down the line and brings something quite fascinating to bear. “Sacrifice,” changes things up slightly, lining the ground with the literal bodies of the foes on its way to greatness.

“Halo,” is a riff monster, shimmying through the line then dangling out the wind with a passing time glance. “Highway of Heroes,” chances the arm and ensures the listener knows which way to go, ensuring the listener is hooked. “Out Of The Dark,” is heavy, smashing down the line and producing something quite catchy. “Towers of Babylon,” dances around the world, bringing about some interesting little flourishes. “Caught In Lies,” world pools the dangers.

The album is out on 11th October  via The Sign Records

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