Millenium-A New World

Cover MILLENNIUM A New World

New Wave Of British Heavy Metal legends Millenium return with their new album A New World. An album mixed together in some great traditions and some thorough metallic anthems and switches.

“Give Me A Sign,” is a whirlwind of riffs and anger, showing the world where to go whilst at the same time beginning for some form of communication that changes the way the protagonist is perceiving things. “World War 3,” paints a bleak picture of the changing tide, shifting the melodies into overdrive, and adding a smacking of cynicism and defying pains. “A New World,” clatters through the noise, on the back of driving melodical harmonies and a growing sense of chaos and malaise. Whilst bringing the bluesy riffs to the fore. “All Out War,” snakes and twists, through the brittle harmonies of the mind, showing off where the grooves and latitudes are. “King of Kings,” is heavy and defyingly awesome, it shifts the conversation through the driving moments into something completely new and fresh.

“Assassin,” moves with some interesting shifts and changes. Producing a landmark twirling movements, slowly defying the world to produce something quite fascinating. “Summon The Dragons,” starts off slowly before gradually gaining in speed and heaviness, the epicness is thoroughly conveyed through the motions as well. “Kill Or Be Killed,” keeps things going, twisting the lines in and shifting the temperatures around to produce something quite fascinating. “Obsolete,” brings out the raging heaviness and shifts the focus down and up several times. “Victory,” changes the key and momentum of the album slightly, producing a interesting twist in the narrative.

The album is out on October 25th.

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