“Alienator,” provides the perfect intro, distorted and chaotic. “False Hope,” brings the thunder. With a heavy ass riff, dancing around the ground, shimmering down the continent and producing something fascinating. “Morgue Bait,” dances down the line, shimmering across the shifting landscape. “Wish In One Hand,” harmonises and produces something fascinating that shifts the tenor and conversation of the album, and allows the listener a chance to embed with the group. “Interlude,” meshes together nicely. “Renovicted,” heavy as all hell, and with a swagger that defies anyone to counter act them. “Drag The River,” haunting with elements of Down included, to produce full throttle metal.

“LRH,” shimmers down the line, producing something intoxicating and something that truly shimmers down the line and engages in complete reversal. “000000,” is mechanic. “Intravenous Flytrap,” is slow moving but with a galloping riff that performs brilliantly to add on a dynamic to encourage engagement. “Reptilian Endoskeleton,” a monster of a song with a powerful and engaging riff to boot. “Neon Black,” crunches down and adds elements of chaos to the mix. “Dead Inside,” roars.


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