ATLANTEAN KODEX – The Course Of Empire

“The Alpha and The Occident,” is a soaring melodical driving machine that soars and tires through with the pace and the measurements of a great song. Delivered unto the persons of the empire. “People Of The Moon,” rolls down the thunder, with assured certainty and chaos, bringing about something that allows the listener to move their head in insanity. “Lion of Chaldea,” is a song that has all the right ingredients for epicness, the soaring intro, the soaring vocals, the smashing lyrical and melodical content and most importantly, the right guitar riffs to back it up. “Chariots,” soars on the wings of the previous song, and the vocals are powerful in accordance with this. “The Innermost Light,” a song that produces a mix of emotions, hope, anticipation and simple awe, a reflection of just how awesome the song is.

“A Secret Byzantium,” soars on the rhythms and riffs developed throughout the song, producing something that is a masterstroke at once, and a brilliant chance to showcase some serious talent. “He Who Walks Behind The Years,” a song that starts slowly, and builds into an epic embrace of chaos and clashes. “Spell Of The Western Sea,” a haunting collection that moves in the wind and produces a challenge for the next. “The Course of Empire,” is a roaring epic song that would ensure that any listener not convinced beforehand, is now thoroughly converted. “Die Welt von gestern,” a song that shimmers and shines and roars.

The album is out on 13th September.

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