Entombed AD-Bowels Of Earth

The legendary death metal band return, this time with an absolute corker of an album.

“Torment Remains,” begins like a cannonball shifting through without pausing for breath, simply slamming into everything and everyone with a chaotic intensity that delivers something completely fascinating. “Elimination,” continues down a similar path, smashing through the ground with absolute intensity. “Hell Is My Home,” slowly brings about chaos and adventure through the world and delivers something quite chaotic. “Bowels of Earth,” starts of slowly with a truly haunting melody, before shifting in tone and measure into something completely chaotic and insane. “Bourbon Nightmare,” is an interesting song, it veers this way and that, with some fascinating changes, and melodies which just hammer the shit out of you.

“Fit For A King,” smashes its way into something resembling the chaos of the world. Taking turns to filter through and deliver something quite fanciful. “Worlds Apart,” smashes the ground and turns it through into something quite fanciful and interesting, taking the world by storm. “Through The Eye Of The Gods,” roars and growls into the world with some serious intensity, destroying everything and anything. “I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive,” shimmers through and filters everything into the worldscape. “To Eternal Night,” a song that slowly weaves its way into the nation’s fabric, and brings about some fascinating changes allowing the growth of insanity.

The album is out on August 30th via Century Media Records.


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