“Love Is The Killer,” kicks things off, hauntingly at first, slowly building into something that could be best described as a riff fest. As the song progresses it becomes gradually heavier and darker, to ensure the listener is hooked. “Standing On The Edge,” is a swaggering song designed to kick things into gear and smash them down again. “Hollywood In The Headlights,” is a swaggering mess of a song that produces something fascinating, a journey through time and growth. “Fallin’ For You,” takes things to another level, truly eighties in measurement and temper. “Hold On Tonite,” shreds away, and gets completely enchanting with its melodical context. “Allnighter,” takes the time to shred through and deliver a smash and grab.

“My Heart,” takes things to an interesting place, slowly shimmering into being with some fascinating choices for the melodical arrangements. “It Goes Fast,” roars down and challenges the listener to know what’s up and to find out where the swaggering lines are producing. “Stay,” a song that rampages through the listener and brings up all sorts of emotions. “Alive,” a fast and furious song filled with hopeful emotions and changes. “Drink Up,” roars down the pace and delivers some swagger.

The album is out on 13th September.

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