He’s a legend known for producing great bands and working with Avantasia, now he delivers his own project, and boy does it deliver.

“The Time Has Come,” is a riff monster that soars through the listener’s ears, ensuring that complete attention is demanded. It soars and shimmers through the line and produces something quite special. The vocals are catchy and hooky. “Die Just A Little,” is haunting and menacing. Adrienne Cowan really shines through here, her vocal range is damned impressive. “Radar,” ramps up the swagger moving through the tones and the changing lines with something akin to fascination but also horror. “Where Would It Be,” is heaviness personified with an added edge of labour and chaos, thrown together for something else. This is a song that is definitely going to shine through. “My Anarchy,” sweeps through the sticks and then changes proceedings to bring about a line and a half of pure adrenaline. “Wide Awake,” roars through, swaggering about like it owns the place. A fitting thing, for it does.

“The Path,” is reflective, the piano works through to deliver something shifting and changing. The vocals are on point. “Sick,” brings out the riff monster once more. Driving through and smashing down the doors ensuring the listeners know just what’s up. What a treat. The vocals are haunting and snaking through the line. “Weight Of The World,” another snarling monster that smashes down the doors, and invites the listener into this little corner of heavy metal heaven. “Bound In Vertigo,” saunters through, dining into the weight of the world and shining through the changes of the mind. “Signs of Wings,” slows things down, to bring about something different and fascinating. As it slowly gets heavier and quicker, the vocals really lead the show.

This is a great album, and one that is bound to deliver. Be sure to get it when it is released on 13th September via Frontiers Music.

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