KXM Circle of Dolls


“War Of Words,” comes barrelling in delivering something that truly changes the shift and pace of the movement, a rocker that thunders through and sets the tone quite nicely. “Mind Swamp,” slows things down ever so slightly, ensuring the listener can change and bite through the tone. “Circle of Dolls,” moves up and down, changing frequency and ensuring the listener is left guessing at where things are going to go next. “Lightning,” a song that builds on changes and complex growth, to produce something fascinating and complex. “Time Flies,” a song that moves with bite and precision, changing the tempo ever so slightly. “Twice,” a song that veers one way and another at any given time, to produce an absolute beauty. “Big As The Sun,” a thundering omen toward completion and context.

“Vessel Of Destruction,” swaggers on down the line, bringing about some fascinating movements and groupings. Ensuring the listener figures out which way is which. “A Day Without Me,” moves with some interesting flair and swagger, taking the time to turn the screws a little and bring out some fascinating changes. “Wide Awake,” smashes down the doors and produces something a little bit extra. “Shadow Lover,” snarls and bites with some interesting changes here and there. “Cold Sweats,” a roarer and a rager, that delivers a fascinating little swivel. “The Border,” brings about some cold calls.

The album is out on 13th September via Frontiers Music.

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