Driving Force-All Aboard

Cover DRIVING FORCE All Aboard.jpg

“Dog House,” kicks things off with that impressive drum roll before moving into the sauntering and catchy riff. The song soon picks up speed and ensures the listeners willingly come with it. “Black Beauty,” is a riffer of a song, shifting the tone and the pace of proceedings, with grace and pomp. “The Battle,” fast moving, heart chasing and downright terrifying in some instances. It shimmers through and shows off the great skill of the band. “All Aboard,” bass heavy and thundering through to ensure complete dominance. “Again,” starts off with the acoustic guitar shimmering through the line before slowly moving into heavier territory. “Sticky Shit Kid,” snarls and bites with great thunderous approachment.

“Like A Weed,” brings heaviness to the fore, slowly driving the wedge into overdrive. “Don’t Walk Away,” is a riffer, singing through the changes and the melodical arrangements of several shifting changes. “Nemesis,” rocks out and shreds through the line, slowly delivering something quite captivating and terrifying. “Razorblade,” a snarling and crunching deliverance of the kind. “Rat Race,” snarls and bites with equal aplomb.

The album is out on September 27th.

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