“Rust,” rolls into town on the back of that thundering bass riff, a snarling monster that takes things through the charts and out again. The guitar riffs are precise and on point as well. “Into The Wild,” harmonises, and then leads on the wild goose chase, perfectly executed for maximum perfection. “Idiots,” snarls and shakes and swaggers on the back of an absolutely magnificent riff. “In The Maze,” slows things down and brings about some fascinating little melodical changes. It shifts the tenor of the conversation slightly, ensuring the listener knows where to twist and where to turn. “We Are The Legion,” is epic starting off slowly, it slowly moves into an epic twist and turn of fascinating riffage. “Crazy,” moves with a fast pace and a snarling monster bite.

“Parasite,” has drive and focus, it shines through, snarling and biting with some serious tension and lines of patience. “Waiting For Your Love,” a song that shimmers through the line and ensures the listener knows where to look for the melody and the charm. “Reptile,” is riff heaven, seriously, it’s all riffs and moving parts that shimmer through to make sure everything is focused on just how bad ass those riffs are. “Stop Weirding Me Out,” is a bit of a weird one, it shimmers and shines but also goes down the darkened path. “Filth Flowers,” acoustically rages and smashes down the door.

The album is out on 13th September via Frontiers Music.

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