CoreLeoni II


“Waltz,” starts things off quite nicely. The arrangements shift and change with a collection of movements, showing off some fantastic melodies and arrangements. “Standing In The Light,” has some serious riffage to kick things off. Thundering together and through the lines of the past. The vocals snarl and bite, the song truly kicks off into gear. “Love For Money,” delivers some seering riffage, turning the screw just that extra bit harder, and slowly moving through the winds. “Open Fire,” comes right out the block, throwing the gauntlet down and demanding the listener move their head approvingly. “Angel,” shimmers and shines. Slowly working its way into the listener’s conscious. “She Goes Down,” a thunderous rocker, designed to bring about some seriously catchy melodies and movements. “No Tomorrow,” thunders down the line, smashing through everything that stands in its way and then some.

“I’m Your Travelling Man,” moves about with a swagger and a pizzazz that blinds the listener completely. “Make My Day,” another song that rocks out hard. The riffs are blazing and blistering, the echoes of something heavier are there for all to see. “Mountain Mama,” has that blistering riff effect going on, showing the line and the patience of the band to deliver quite so fascinating. “Queen of Hearts,” rocks the house down. Showing off right where it knows the listener will pay the most attention. It slams into everything with growing force and patience. “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” moves with a thunderous approach. “Il Padrino,” brings the Godfather theme to life, slowly shifting the tenor and the approach with something verging on downright foreboding.

The album is out on 27th September via AFM Records.

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