Block Buster-Losing Gravity

BLOCK BUSTER losing gravity COVER.jpg

“Out In The City,” comes in with that piercing vocal line, shifting the tone slightly, building to something that comes with a thunderous roar. “Gone By The Morning,” has that huge hooky riff, that just drives everything from there on in. “Flammable,” moves with speed and power, ensuring the listener is hooked and demanding more. “Back From The Shadows,” roars and leans forwards and backwards, tempting the listener into something else entirely. “Losing Gravity,” slows things down taking on some epic changes and shifts. “Sweet Mary Jane,” beats the shit down and turns things into a lightning rod.

“Somebody To Shock Me,” moves with freneticism, and ensures the listener is hooked on the line and the sink. “Walking Like A Dog,” stops and starts with precision and delivers some fascinating melodical content. “Move,” a fascinating take on the modern day rock and stop anthem. “Would You Do It Again,” has summertime vibes to it, with reminisces about what might have happened and what has gone by. “Bulletproof,” roars and shimmers through the line.

The album is out on 13th September via Frontiers Music.

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