Beyond The Grey-Unthinkable Tragedy

cover BEYOND THE GREY - Unthinkable Tragedy .jpg

“Now Or Never,” starts off with that thundering bass riff, it sets the scene quite nicely, and allows for a gradual shift and change in atmosphere. When the guitars kick in you get the feeling that something truly epic is about to happen. As the song progresses that feeling is validated. “Unthinkable Tragedy,” comes in with a searing riff, and a blinding vocal performance that truly shifts the conversation several notches. “Finally Free,” slowly works its way to the fomentation of something great and heavy. It shifts the tone and the texture of the album, bringing about something that touches heaviness on high. “Pain,” is one of those great songs, shifting through. Taking turns to bring about the end of the world in a hand basket.

“Gravedigger,” moves with the thundering of the bass. Slowly shifting the tone and tenor of everything that came before. The vocals are purely haunting, showing off something that is quite precise and dark. “Insanity,” has a great riff to kick things off, it then moves into a square based shift on the tenor. “Overflow,” has a great bass riff to kick it off, and then slowly shifts into the roaring masterclass of Alice in Chains style groove. “Counterfeit,” slowly moves on the back of a darkened riff and a shifting tone and tenor. “No More,” roars into being and roars out into the light.

The album is out on August 30th.

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