Altered State-Altered State

cover ALTERED STATE - Altered State

“Mindsrealm,” is bombastic, thundering in with bass and guitar, shifting the tone completely, snaking into something that bites and snakes, delivering a thunderous blow. “Off With His Head,”  smashing and piercing song that soars on the back of a amazing riff and some powerful vocals. “Judge For Yourself,” slowly works its way into being, pushing the measurements of how one moves into the next extreme, and ensuring the listener is hooked. “Leading Me Blindly,” snakes through and riffs off with power and might, ensuring the listener is completely hooked.

“Winter Warlock,” snakes through and grounds the situation into something completely new and surreal. Fascinating interplay between guitar and vocals sets things alight. “Mental Rage,” pounds away at everything in sight, and ensures the listeners know just where to turn for a good old thrashing. “Final Holocaust,” snakes its way into the insanity of the world. “Another Meaningless Death,” thrashes away building on something quite fascinating and decent. “Wizard’s Destiny,” is epic, the guitars and vocals work well together to shift into something completely new and fevered. “Outro,” seals things off mightily.

The album is out on September 27th.

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